Your Benefits

The service we provide at Lonely Homes is designed to give you the property owner, absolute peace of mind when it comes to the management of your property. Our aim is to take care of all of the important things for you when you cant be there to manage a property yourself. Ask yourself;


  • Who has access to your property in the event of an emergency?
  • How can you be sure that your property is secure?
  • What happens to your home in your absence?
  • What can be done on the spot to minimise damage, and who can do it?


Did You Know?

Did you know the law states that all E.U citizens wishing to work in Cyprus must be registered. (Including British)


Before you hand the keys of your treasured holiday home to a stranger always ask yourself these following questions;

  • Are they registered with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and the Central Bank of Cyprus?
  • Are they and their employees legally registered with the local authorities in respect of the work they do?
  • Do I have a legal leg to stand on if anything goes wrong?
  • If you employ an illegal worker, ie. someone who is not licensed then you could be fined and sentenced up to 2 months imprisonment.
  • Am I breaking the law if I employ an illegal non registered company?
  • Are you insured?


We Give You Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Questions such as these give rise to concern and leave you to wonder, what exactly is going on. Is no news good news?

An annual fee will guarantee a monthly inspection of your home to clean and tidy the premises from top to bottom, also to check all facilities are working and kept in A1 condition. Arrangements can be made to have your garden watered on a regular basis according to its needs and your plants properly taken care of.

Lonely Homes Cyprus will be in to clean the entire house, launder all linen in-house and continue to look after your home in preparation for the next visit